About the Company

About Ximena Rozo Design

As a creative professional and a businesswoman, I believe the best way to identify opportunities is by offering people a dream. So I always start my process with a question: What if?

What if we brought traditional designs to a contemporary setting?

What if we combined expert craftsmanship with beautiful, high quality, sustainably-sourced materials?

What if we used the rich cultural and creative heritage of indigenous Latin American communities as a means of fostering their economic and social development?

Based on these elements, I saw a compelling opportunity and founded Ximena Rozo Design.

We combine traditional designs and artisan techniques with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced materials to create distinctive and beautiful contemporary home accessories.

Our products are manufactured in an ethical, efficient and responsible manner by artisan communities in Colombia. We strive to empower these artisans and contribute to the reduction of poverty, exclusion and unemployment.

We provide an alternative to mass-produced furniture. Instead, we combine contemporary styling with artisan “hand-made” production to deliver a unique brand with luxury appeal.