Industrial Design
Industrial Design

787 Dreamliner
Designed architectural details for Touchpoints, which sought to return the joy and magic of flying to the Boeing 787.
Conducted and analyzed consumer research and translated findings into groundbreaking designs positioning the Boeing Company at the leading-edge of commercial aviation with orders valued at $148 billion.

// Awards

IDSA, IDEA Award 2011
Awarded Gold in Transportation for Interior Architecture for the Boeing 787.

IDSA, IDEA Award 2011
Awarded Gold, Design Strategy for the Boeing 787.

RED DOT Award 2011
Awarded Red Dot Award for Product Design for the Boeing 787.

787 Interior Decor and Lighting

Spearheaded new materials research and development decisions for the Boeing 787 cabin interior decor and LED dynamic lighting.
Implemented the interior decor and lighting on the 787 cabin.

Developed the vision for color interior environment and communicated that vision to designers, Boeing executives, vendors and airline clients.

Teague Aviation Studio & Boeing
"The interplay between light and sculpted structural lines emphasizes the spacious feel of the cabin, further enhanced by the intelligent use of material layering and dynamic LED lighting."

Boeing 747-8

Designed a new entryway, reception area and stairway to the upper deck for the 747-8.

Linked the design language developed for the 787 Dreamliner with that of new cabin interiors for the 747-8

Developed a design language strategy for the 747-8 interior color and material offering.

// Awards
IDSA IDEA Award 2012
Awarded Silver in Transportation for Interior Architecture for the Boeing 747-8.

Concept Ideation
Conceived and developed concept ideation, interior design, and final material selection of several airplane concepts, exhibitions for aircraft shows, the Boeing commercial airplane showroom and the color and material gallery.