Design & Community
Design & Community

Collaborate with colombian artisans from the Chamba region to source inspiration and design techniques for design of stylish bathroom accessories

Santa Rosa Proyect
A project of product diversification with emphasis on augmenting sales and maintaining a stable workforce for an artisan group in Bogotá, Colombia.

Furniture line for children, “Soft world,” consisting of chairs in the shape of animals, mattresses that become puzzles, playful and didactic furniture, using soft materials and structures.

100% cotton

Designed and developed a collaborative product-diversification and economic development project into an extant cooperative of 30+ artisans in an impoverished area of Bogotá.
Realized the project by emphasizing increasing sales and workforce stability, fusing modern and traditional technologies and crafts, and by fostering collaboration between artisans, artists, designers, industrial engineers, and psychologists.
Created an innovative graphic testimonial of the manufacturing process, as well as a marketing catalogue.
Initially conceived of as thesis project for my BA in Textile Design; became sponsored by the Ministry of Development through Artesanías de Colombia and Opcion Colombia.
Grew the project into a platform for conflict resolution, crime reduction, with special attention to women and single mothers, of who constituted the majority of participants.
The community cooperative of 30+ artisans has continued working on these functional products and has participated in major design fairs and exhibitions.

Coordinated with local artisans to produce products best utilizing native materials.
Armenia, Colombia.