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// About & Contact
Ximena Rozo Design is a studio focused on the design of contemporary objects for home décor, where textiles become objects, and handy crafts evolve into modern artifacts. As a designer I highly value the importance of craftsmanship, the use of natural materials, and the design of high quality products that become permanent rather than disposable. The result, home décor and furnishings that emphasize color vibrancy, and rich tactile qualities, realized in unconventional forms.

Ximena Rozo Design Studio, researched and strategized for brands and community development. Lead the brand’s product development under sustainable design solutions in ecological, social and economic contexts.

Ximena Rozo Design studio is interested on the integration of design and social projects thus collaborate with artisans to source inspiration and design techniques for designs and as medium to support and improve quality of life for artisanal communities. And to bring unique local products into the market.

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