// About & Contact
// About & Contact
Ximena Rozo Design is a studio focused on design and strategy for brands and community development projects, as well as the design of contemporary objects for home décor. Here, textiles become objects, and handicrafts evolve into modern artifacts.

Design home décor and furnishings to emphasize color and rich tactile qualities, realized in unconventional forms. Functional products that emphasis quality, in order to encourage durability rather than disposability. Easy-to-pack, easy-to-transport products for movement, rolling, interlacing, collapsing, and folding.

Research and strategy for brands and community development; develop the vision for product development, form definition and color pallet; design tools to communicate vision to all parties

Collaboration with artisans to hone design techniques, source inspiration and secure financial support

My approach towards design is based on both an analytical and creative process that places humans at the center of the design experience. Through design I am constantly seeking ways to evolve and innovate. I aspire to create the best scenarios for users, which also reflect the business needs of clients and producers.

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